Here at Quality Home Health Care, we feel the absolute best way to show that we are committed to providing top-notch, skilled home health services is through sharing some of our patient testimonials. Here are a few of the letters we’ve received from our patients and their loved ones, about our team and the care they provided:

P.A., Phoenix, AZ

I would like to let you know that my mom was a patient of yours for a few weeks. She had broken both of her legs and went through 3 leg surgeries and plastic surgery for one of her legs. That leg required daily wound care that was provided by your facility.

[expand title=”Read more” swaptitle=”” ]The visiting nurse that was sent to care for her was Melanie. I can’t express how much we appreciated the care that Melanie gave to my mom. Although I work in the medical field, I am not a physician or a nurse. I do know that working with wounds can be very difficult. Melanie did such a great job on my mom’s wound that when she went to the plastic surgeon, to his surprise he said, “for a woman that was not supposed to bare any weight on this leg your wound is miraculously doing well!” We were not aware she should not have been putting weight on her leg. So we do attribute how well her wound did with the excellent care that Melanie gave her. Melanie was a bright light, caring and compassionate and my mom really liked her and I felt confident that she took excellent care of my mom.

My mom had other multiple health problems and unfortunately, she passed away. Her intention before her health declined rapidly was to write this letter herself and let your company know how much she appreciated Melanie. So, I am writing you on behalf of my mom.

I do know working at a medical facility that the employees do represent the company and I want you to know how well you were represented.

May God bless you all!!


P.O., Mesa, AZ

It is indeed a pleasure to be able to report my favorable dealings with a physical therapist who, it seems, falls under your jurisdiction. Although I gather this avenue is used mainly for grievances and other concerns, you cannot fail to appreciate that positive feedback via any channel will aid in your goal of providing quality services.

[expand title=”Read more”]Melody Pinkerton, P.T., is exacting in her science, committed and compassionate, and highly professional in both conduct and attitude. Her thoughtful care was instrumental in my rapid recovery following knee replacement surgery, as I managed to regain use of my limb and increase flexibility and range of motion. Melody introduced me to several exercises that promoted healing and facilitated recovery. I think it was her special ability to adapt her repertoire to changes in my condition that kept me above the curve in recuperation.

Please convey my expression of satisfaction to Mrs. Pinkerton for a top-level treatment regimen. Melody is to be recognized for her mastery of the discipline and astute application of her training. In the common vernacular, “I’m a happy camper.”


A.J., Gold Canyon, AZ

As you know, John has been working with me regarding rehabilitation of my hip area due to hip area surgery. United Healthcare had previously sent their therapy representative to me (6 visitations) TO NO AVAIL REGARDING MY ABILITY TO BE ABLE TO WALK or stand on the operated leg.

[expand title=”Read more”]John has successfully succeeded with proper therapy thereby enabling me to be able to finally walk. He is not only professional, but was very considerate with me during the difficult times.

I must say, John in no way suggested or implied to my writing you. This is of my own free will and accord.

I will certainly apprise my Doctor, Dr. A. Nanda at the VA in Phoenix of this most successful and difficult physical task by John.



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